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*Current waiting times are 10-28 days until first appointment
although emergency appointments are available*
Welcome and thank you for visiting my website,
My name is Lori Fitzgerald and I am a holistic coach-counsellor, psychotherapist, mindfulness practitioner, WellWoman & wellness coach based in the UK. I work with regional clients face to face and also national & international clients via Skype, Facetime and telephone. I also offer email coaching support for people who require help with important but lighter emotional issues.
I work in conjunction with  NHS services, complementary health practitioners and fellow counselling practitioners in private practice to support people in the UK, Europe & the UAE. (If you are a clinician or therapist and wish to make an NHS or private referral please call on 07717 415 666).
My approach is holistic, person centred and nurturing. I believe our physical and emotional states are intrinsically linked and our memories, experiences and beliefs can have a powerful effect on our bodies as well as our minds. I work alongside a number of different complementary and mainstream therapists in the UK and work hard to support any other human being who requires emotional support and seeks it from me.
Currently I work with men & women over the age of 18 who require support for a wide range of issues such as relationship breakdowns, sexual dysfunction, career blocks, anxiety, depression, stress, grief, trauma, low confidence plus all the other stuff & gubbins that life throws at you.
My specialist areas of support are;
Life & Wellness-I enjoy supporting adults to become the best that they can be. This often involves supporting people to move through depression, build self confidence, cope with heartbreak & grief, manage disappointment & build ambition and a lust for life.
Happiness Coaching-I can support you to find your happiness mojo with the aim that you can live a more joyful life.
Soul Support-I offer a deep & profound therapy that can support you to really connect with yourself and feel whole regardless of what baggage you are carrying or where you are ‘at’ right now. Can help address deeper life queries regarding who you are, what you are and where you need to be. A real therapeutic journey for the soul (or psyche if you don’t believe in the concept of ‘soul’).
Sex & Relationships-I support adults to achieve meaningful relationships and to maintain a healthy sex life.
Birth & Fertility-I offer specialist support to women & their partners who are surviving postnatal depression (PND), pregnancy & birth related anxieties and birth trauma (PTSD). I also offer birth planning and birth de-briefing and can help you access additional fertility, pregnancy, birth & postnatal support.
Woman to Woman (WellWoman)-Utilising coaching, counselling, energy medicine and a nurturing approach I look to support women at every stage of your lifes journey so you can achieve balance, calm, power  and autonomy in your life.
Death & Bereavement-Whether you are experiencing bereavement, have experienced loss, are preparing for your own death or have a phobia connected to death or dying I am here to support you.

My Mission Statement

I aim to provide easily accessible dynamic emotional support to people in need at an affordable rate. To be non-judgemental, empathic and supportive regardless of a persons gender, religious or spiritual beliefs, cultural heritage, family background, life experience or current emotional or physical situation. To support & nurture people appropriately through transition. To help address human needs to the best of my ability in the time I have and with the information I am given.

Professional Memberships.

*BACP (British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy).
*BACP Coaching Division.
*BACP Private Practice Division.
*FAB (The Fertility & Birth Network) which seeks to offer outstanding complimentary & alternative healthcare and support for women. Membership of the FAB Network denotes excellent therapeutic practice. The FAB Network promotes informed choice in fertility, pregnancy, birth and postnatal healthcare.

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